Welcome to the newly revised Omega website! We've tried to accommodate everyone's wishes in this new release.

The biggest change is obvious - we've moved to an ecommerce printing platform. This gives us some pretty great new abilities.


For starters, pricing is available to the public. You can imagine the amount of deliberation this took. We've always sold through Funeral Homes, just as we've always done with Burial Vaults. The reason we made this move is simple. We have many funeral homes that want to offer our products but want the families to deal directly with us. To simplify this, we have a retail price list that's available to the public. It's double our wholesale pricing. Here's the really good bit: we will inform every family that comes to our site they have access to special pricing if they work with one of our partner Funeral Homes. In this way we are still honoring our commitment to funeral homes while simplifying the process for families. How do they work with you? They can place the order through you as they've always done, or they can provide a code at checkout that grants them a discount. We will then match that discount as a credit on your account.

Let me repeat this, because it's important: when a family uses your code at checkout, they get a discount and we match that discount as a credit to your account.

Let's say you like using our Simplicity sets, or you even include them with your basic services. If a family uses your code at checkout, you may receive enough credit on your account to cover the Simplicity set.

Not all products are available to the public. Casket Cap Panels are sold exclusively through Funeral Homes, because Funeral Directors understand better how to measure for a Cap Panel. It's definitely a product that is well served by the Director handling it, but letting the family handle the programs.

That last bit is important too. Let's say you don't have a price handy for a Bifold. You can show your family the retail rate and process the order for them, or offer a discount, whatever you'd like to do, and you know that your wholesale cost is half the retail cost. But! This doesn't work for cap panels, because they aren't available to the public. Something important to keep in mind. However, it works beautifully with 12 page booklets for example. This is a product that would ordinarily require a phone call to our office to price out, but in this case you can visit our site without logging in, spec out your program and get a price.

Discount Codes

Each Funeral Home that partners with us has a Discount Code. You can keep it written down somewhere if you'd like, but we are also happy to provide you with a branded card with that code and your logo for families to take home.


So some of you don't like our old order form. Ha, just kidding, you all hate it, but probably not more than me. It was complicated, buggy, and at best people could learn to deal with it, but it didn't provide a lot of information. So we've gone to the kind of platform that runs massive online printing operations. You have 4 ways to order: by Product, Theme, Quick Order Products, or the existing order form. We figured we'd keep the old order form up for people that have learned to tolerate it.

Ordering by product - this is useful if you're ordering one product, and you want to see how it looks in different themes.

Ordering by theme - find a theme you like, then add the products.

Quick Order products - Select or type in your theme. The advantage here is you don't have to drill down through menus, like Product > Programs > Bifold > Abstract > Blue Whimsy.

Ye Olde Order Form - If you like it, you can keep using it.


All Funeral Homes will be billed as they currently are. You'll notice the Terms on the website as you place orders say Bill Me. We will settle up with you after the order is approved. Families that you send to the site pay up front with a credit card.

Branded Materials

Many of you have us print your funeral home catalogs, service folders, envelopes, business cards, grief journals, the list goes on. This new system makes it even easier. When you log in as with your account you will see products that are special just to you. This will expedite ordering.

Past Orders

You can now see your past orders and place reorders. Just be forewarned, the system defaults to the minimum quantity on reorders. So let's say you ordered 100 Prayer Cards for a family last year and they want 20 additional cards. This isn't a problem. Place the order, and comment how many cards you need, or tell us when we confirm the order. Since you get billed separately from the web site this won't cause an issue.

Requesting a Funeral Professional Account

Fill out the form below and we'll get you set up with a Funeral Professional account.

Account Request Form

Please fill out the following form. We will reach out to verify information and set up the account.