About Us

My family's been in funeral service for more than 80 years. For 4 generations, we've produced concrete burial vaults and have performed graveside services to help grieving families. We've always worked to make the experience as meaningful as possible, especially when it comes to personalizing a funeral service. To that end, we began printing full color images for the tops of our burial vaults.

The first time I attended a funeral service with a personalized vault - it had a background image and a photo of the deceased when she was in her early 20's - I was amazed. The family gathered around the vault cover and told stories. They laughed. They cried. They hugged. They laughed some more. It was profound, and something I hadn't experienced in all my years of doing this work. The reaction from the family was amazing, and it's a cherished memory. After that experience, we wanted to do more. What if we could provide that sort of experience away from the grave? What if we could provide the family something to keep and cherish?

We approach funeral stationery differently from other printers. We approach funeral stationery as people who know how to install heavy concrete burial vaults in all weather and on time. We understand the demands of funeral service, and we understand we only have one chance to do it right.

Real Personalization

Simply putting someone's name on something doesn't make it personal enough. We wanted to do more. So we did. We hired amazing graphic designers, real artists, that create original work for grieving families at no additional cost. We have themes on our site, but you aren't restricted to them. Whatever your loved one's passion, hobby, talent, career or calling, our designers will work with you to create something as unique as your loved one.

Real Quality

We've been producing the highest quality burial vaults for more than 80 years, so it's only natural we would want the same quality in our funeral stationery. Our paper is high-quality. We use the latest digital presses. We will help you scan your loved one's photo for the best outcome. We don't buy register books in bulk - we hand make every register book using archival grade materials.

Our Commitment to Funeral Professionals

We primarily offer products through trusted Funeral Professional partners. However, we understand the time constraints funeral professionals are under, and so we will work with individuals. We will always recommend that families work with a funeral professional. Some funeral professionals prefer to send families to us for everything. Others prefer us to work with families on individual pieces. Others prefer to take care of everything for their families. How ever we can help, we stand ready to do so.

For more information, feel free to reach out. We have actual human beings that answer the phone. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page.

We look forward to helping you.

-Omega Digital Press