Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to go through one of your partner Funeral Homes?

A: Some of our partner funeral homes prefer families work directly with our designers. Our partner Funeral Homes have referral codes that can reduce the cost of our funeral stationery, so if you aren't working with one of our partners, it's still worth a phone call to one of them.


Q: How much time do you need for a custom order?

A: Generally, the more time we have for a custom order the better. If your loved one was a fan of an obscure form of needlepoint, it's best if we have time to do some research and gather artwork. We recommend a minimum 3 days for a typical custom order.


Q: Why don't you charge extra for custom orders?

A: We retain the artwork for the custom theme and may use it for other orders.


Q: Do you create custom funeral stationery products?

A: Absolutely! We've combined programs before, so we've slipped a bifold into a trifold, or a bifold into a gatefold. We've created stairsteps with the spine at the top. We've created calendars, custom books, engraved pieces. It doesn't hurt to ask. Call us at 301.317.3800.


Q: How many photos can XX have?

A: It depends on the product. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.


Q: Why is my proof blurry?

A: When we generate a proof, it's in low-resolution so it's easy to email. It will also have a watermark with our logo. These are not print-production files, they show the placement of photos and text, but are not indicative of the final finished product's quality.


Q: Will you send me a high-resolution proof?

A: Our policy is to only send low-resolution proofs.


Q: What's your ordering process? When will I get my products?

A: Our ordering process follows these steps:
You place your order
We generate a proof
We send the proof to you for review
If it needs revisions, we make the revisions and resubmit the proof to you for your review
Once we receive approval, we go to print
Delivery follows

We MUST have final approval before we print and deliver. We will not print and deliver without approval. Once we receive approval, we assume no responsibility for any additional typos that may be found; we generate the print-production file according to what is approved. If we need to reprint with a correction, we will bill for these items at a prorated amount.